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jury statement appreciation prize

last modified 2006-11-29 19:33

statement of the jury awarding the project "Mur.knoten", submitted by Karl Heinz Jeron from Berlin, with the appreciation prize:

the project with the 18 autonomously moving vehicles is a charming visualisation, that connects the transmission of netspecific data with creatures, that leave their traces in the real space, in a innovative manner. the carving in colourstrata during the movement is another interesting level, in which the traces of the movement are made visual.

the playful realisation has probably also got attraction to people afar from the net, that can appreciate networking/internet as a microcosmos.

another positive fact is the ästhetic examination with the visualisation of networkdata.

still we did not understand, why the data of previous months instead of live-data is to be used, since live-data could have been fed in via the radio circuit. the fact that does exist and operate at the very moment is therefore rather secondary for the project, since the creatures work with saved data of a certain past period.

it is to evaluate negative, that a quantitative survey of networkparameters are being taken non-commented and unquestioned as a benchmark for nodes, that do not compete with each other.

evan though a logfileanalysis does not give the actual information about the quality of a website, we do question a measurable tendency of the relevance by the existing monopolists such as google, especially if a social relevance is being connected to it. adducting the google page rank as a basis for evaluation of social relevance is politically questionable and does not really correspond with the "spirit" of

due to these thoughts the project "Mur.knoten" will receive the appreciation prize in the amount of € 300,-. congratulations!