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jury statement first-ranked project

last modified 2006-11-08 17:19

approach and decision-making of the jury

the jury has considered all submitted projects, that have corresponded with the submission targets.(e.g. anonymiszed).

the general approach in the choice considered projects, in which the net is a condition and that search for a kind of "translation" and demonstration.

after the first look on the projects, considering the submission targets, seven projects remained in the contest. finally four projects have been selected as the cream of the crop: the soundobjects of "knoten n+1", the carpet of "netzwerkskulptur", the starry sky of "sternennetz" and the vehicles of "Mur.knoten".

the decision between these four projects happened to be quite difficult to us. after a short thinking-break every member of the jury has made a personal ranking. then the projects have been discussed once again. at that point in time the result of the comunity-voting has been taken into account. (we wanted to make our decision uninfluenced of this rating).

upcoming difficult questions:

-should the project, that will be realized, mainly demonstrate mediation aspects to a general public, then approaches found in "netzwerkskulptur" or "sternennetz" would be of interest, since they do work with pictures and metaphors.

-should the project, that will be realized, mainly demonstrate the core competence of the net and the acting people within it, a direct connection between the net and the project would be necessary, which is the case in "knoten n+1" or "Mur.knoten".

about the individual projects:

at the vehicles of "Mur.knoten we had some concerns about its realisation and also critic regarding the content, consulting the Google Page Ranks as a rating criteria for social relevance. Still, this project has been marked down for the appreciation price.

at the carpet of "netzwerkskulptur" we missed informations about the production conditions in pakistan and the internet-technical realisation on site. secondly we would prefer a more active involvement of the people knotting the carpet instead of a static webcam-monitoring.

the starry sky of "sternennetz" would be an attractive roominstallation and a chilly social place for a room in a café, but there was no idea where this could have been realized for a longer period. we would wish a more imaginative way at the exploration of the inhabited planets than the introduction of the particular website, e.g. the designing of the planets in cooperation with the relating node-operators.

in the dataflow-analysis, as it is established in "knoten n+1", the realtime-analysis is playing a central role, without inclining into some kind of a control-system. within the potential overlay of informations from the net, about the net and at the place of the installation itself, movement and sound of the object do emerge. it is not comprehensible, in which individual space of the triggerdata is developing. that way the work abandons any kind of quantification as informationprovider. at the same time, "knoten n+1" does not exist without the specific network.

besides the so to say automatically generating data (networktraffic) and the intervention by visiting the installation, there is a further possibility in composing the object, which is to be realized using a web-interface.

after a good deal of thought the four projects have been ranked once again and reinvestigated considering the submission targets.

we decided, that a direct relation between the living net and the project should exist. so finally the projects "sternennetz" and "knoten n+1" remained in the competition.

at last the project "knoten n+1", submitted by Fränk Zimmer (Stattegg, Graz) has convinced us. the combination of the different technical and content-planes can be interpreted as a comprehension about the constitution of the net. "knoten n+1" reflects, that a current project can be precise without necessarily having to run after the label "innovative".

the jury congratulates and is looking forward to the realization!