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spamcop again

last modified 2008-03-25 11:08 — expired in spamcop blacklist

recently the mailserver ( was listed in spamcop's blacklist twice. both times the listing occured after at least one of spamcop's spamtraps received e-mail from for one incident we know who sent it, but that doesn't really help a lot. both incidents occured while big mailinglists (>5000 subscribers) where active.

when is listed in spamcop's blacklist, some mailservers refuse to accept mail from us. in most cases you will receive an error message [1] but sometimes you might not notice that something ist wrong.

quite frankly, there is nothing we can do about this but wait. usually a spamcop listing lasts for 24 hours. fortunately not many mail-admins use spamcop since it is known to react over-sensitive.

we do ask all of you to be carefull about whom you send e-mail, especially if you send out newsletters, invitations or other kind of mass-mailings. you MUST verify that each and every address you send e-mail to BELONGS to a person that AGREED to receive you mass-mailing. otherwise you jeopardize ALL users who rely on our e-mail service.

we will have a close look on the mail-system and try to investigate every incident. please help us keep the mail-system usefull by cleaning you address-books and beeing generally carefull who you write to. if you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to contact us. any hint is appreciated.


j.hofmueller - NOC

[1] example error:

    Jan XX xx:xx:xx fox postfix/smtp[xxxxx]: XXXXXXXXXX:
    to=<recipient@domain.tld>, relay=relay.domain.tld[x.x.x.x], delay=x,
    status=bounced (host relay.domain.tld[x.x.x.x] said: 554 Rcpt-To
    validation failed: RCPT TO not accepted: Service unavailable; Client
    host [] blocked using; Blocked - see (in reply to RCPT TO