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network outage on June 28th 2007

last modified 2008-01-24 00:15 — expired

on June 28th 2007 the network went off-line for several hours


shortly after 7:00am's entire network went off-line. Between 9:00am and 10:00am we could restablish some connections to the rest of the world. Since 11:00am everything - except for some small disturbances - is working again as usual.


maintenance works at tu-graz probably caused a reboot of our router there. due to a configuration error the reboot failed.

in this case our second uplink should have taken the entire network traffic but due to some unresolved issues this also failed.

work on the various problems happened simultaneously at different locations and thanks to our upstream provider's help, one problem after the other could be solved.

happy networking!

J. Hofmüller - NOC