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measures against SPAM

last modified 2006-11-14 15:33 — expired

new measures against SPAM are in effect at since November 14th 2006

Increased occurence of SPAM during last weeks

Most of you will have noticed that the amount of SPAM e-mail has increased massively during the last weeks. Furthermore, more and more SPAM e-mails managed to bypass SpamAssassin (and were not tagged SPAM as usual).

There are at least two reasons

  • Two new trojans infected countless PCs
  • New forms of SPAM e-mail manage to bypass SpamAssassin tests

Both topics are discussed in this Heise article (in german). You may also try this these links to search for SpamThru and Warezov (Stration):

Search google for SpamThru, Warezov or Stration

Search jeeves for SpamThru, Warezov or Stration

New measures against SPAM

To dam the flood of unsoliceted e-mail implemented aggressive rules regarding e-mail traffic this morning (14th November 2006). For details please see our e-mail policiy page.

Changes in e-mail systems can potentially bring along undesired/unintended things that are hard if not impossible to check in advance. If you notice any disruption in our e-mail system that wasn't there before please contatct the NOC.

We also want to state that these measures against SPAM must bee seen as temporary. It is only a question of time until spammers will have adjusted to these conditions. Unfortunately more often than not we are one step behind.

Apart from that we hope that today's mailserver finetuning will leave you with less SPAM in your mailbox and renders e-mail more usefull again. NOC