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e-mail delivery stopped

last modified 2008-01-24 00:13 — expired

e-mail delivery was stopped between Nov. 7th 11:20 am and Nov. 8th 9:00 am

Yesterday - Nov. 7th - at 11:20 am CET e-mail delivery to user mailboxes stopped. A full harddisk caused an error in our delivery system's internal databases and left the system useless.

As far as we can see no e-mail has been lost. Incoming e-mail is stored on a different server prior to delivery to mailboxes. As of 9:00 am today (Nov 8th) delivery is working again. You might have noticed an unusual amount of of new e-mail this morning.

To our knowledge everything is back in order again. However, if you notice anything unusual with your mailbox (e.g. allready read e-mail is marked new) please contact us.

We are sorry for this stupid error and thank all of you for your patience. Special thanks for those of you who reported the problem!


j.hofmueller - NOC