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Delays in e-mail delivery

last modified 2008-03-25 11:07 — expired

Due to an unusual high amount of e-mails there were delays in delivery.

Yesterday (Feb. 27th) we received several complaints about e-mail not beeing delivered. We quickly found out that our mailserver was having an unusually high amount of e-mail to process. This caused certain delays in delivery but did not lead to any loss of messages.

The cause of yesterday's delays was a mass-mailing by at least one member. For some time there where more than 600 messages queued for delivery so newly arriving e-mail had to wait untill the queue was empty.

In order to keep the mailsystem usefull for your daily work, we suggest that you do your mass-mailings at times when less people are using the mailserver (e.g. after 6pm). Sending out thousands of mails around noon WILL cause delays for everyone.

Please keep in mind that every incoming e-mail has to be stored on the mailserver, checked for possible spam/viruses and then delivered. Furthermore, e-mail is not the only task that this machine has to perform.

While we are all used to e-mail arriving seconds after we send it this does not always have to be the case.


j. hofmüller - NOC